The Ultimate Fishing Rod Guide

Today we are going to talk about fishing rods. Having the right fishing rod is necessary. If you are passed your beginners stage it is recommended that you have more than 2 fishing rods. This is because you might require different rods to catch different kinds of fish.

Now fishes come in all shapes and sizes, some are big and some are small, some weigh a lot while others weigh less than a basketball. This makes it important for you choose the right equipment.

If you go for fishing for financial purposes you are better off with a plastic rod. They are lightweight, durable and most importantly cheap. However recent studies show that the plastic might mix with the fish blood and that can severely contaminate the fish.

However we are Americans, we couldn’t care less about contamination. But if you buy plastic rods, ensure that they are good anglers.

Wood rods are the more conventional rods. They lost popularity because they didn’t bend. They were terrible anglers and it was almost impossible to catch heavy fish with those. Even Tuna fish couldn’t be caught with those. But if you are one of those who still prefer the medieval ways you can go for wooden rods. If you make this choice, get a big black rod because even if they serve no major use they are good at satisfying you.

If you are a professional and get into many fishing tournaments you can try fishing rods manufactured by Shimano. We use them at our centre and they work quite well. Shimano is one of the oldest brand and it has bettered its technology over the years.

A good fishing rod has a good thread. You should be able to pull your fish out nicely. You don’t want the fish to bit off the thread and run away.

Your fishing rod should also be responsive. Some fishing rods breakdown after the initial jerk. This is because they don’t have good responsiveness. Rods which are made of different materials usually offer good responsiveness. Having said that responsiveness should not be directly linked to power as in the case of a Best Nerf Guns. The power of a fishing rod decides how much weight it can handle. If you are going to fish for heavier fish it is advisable if you go for powerful fishing rods.

Finally the next important criterion is the stiffness. Stiffness measures the weight or the intensity of jerk which a fishing rod can handle. If you are handling lightweight saltwater fishes you don’t need stiffness to be high. Stiffness has a close relation with flexibility. You want your rod to be flexible.

And yes, you need a good quality cork too. It should have sufficient grip even when it gets wet. Good rods use good quality of corks. If you have good wrists then you should invest in an expensive rod.

So these are the top tips and tricks regarding fishing rods. A word of advice take good care of your rod. If necessary you can replace the threads and the handle. Happy Fishing!

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Top Things to do if you have a fish as your pet

A lot of you ask about fish grooming tips and things you need to ensure to provide the best environment for their pet fishes. This is a broad topic and you can do some major research in this area. This has more to do with your interest, more than anything else. In this article we cover this topic from a macro point of view. Hope you enjoy it.


If you are going to keep fishes as your pets you would need an aquarium, unless of course you want a funky fish bowl. However we regard that as a kind of aquarium only. But there are various measures you need to take to ensure that your aquarium is well maintained. There are various equipment you may need.


Filter are important and a lot of hobbyists spend quality time deciding which filter they need to buy.

For beginners, you need to ensure that the filter is easy to install. You don’t want to spend time and money on a separate pump just to sustain the filter. You should also go for cheap upkeep filters as they don’t require major maintenance. Biological filtration should be another important criterion. We usually recommend sponge aquarium filters for beginners.


Another necessary component of your aquarium would be aquarium plants. Some plants like the Micro Sword are not recommended for some fish species. So before you buy your aquarium plant, make sure that they don’t cause any harm to your fish. Java Moss is the most bought fish plant since they don’t require care. You can just throw them in the aquarium and they will float.            If you are looking for something beautiful you can go for Anubias Nana.


Again aquarium lights are more suited for hobbyists. You should also choose lights which go well with the overall room design. There are many lights available on eBay. Don’t buy any florescent lights as they are harmful for your fish. Some modern lights offer intensity control.

Fish Food

If you want to take proper care of your fish you need to feed them properly. It is important that fish food contains useful nutrients. Fish Food in pellet form is recommended. Sometimes you would need medicated fish food to ensure that your fishes don’t fall sick. There are few colour enhancing food additives available in the market today, but they should be used in careful amounts.

Live food like earthworms are also a good choice for fish food.

Cleaning Aquariums

Another important topic in fish tank maintenance is cleaning. You are required to clean the fish tank regularly. You need to decide how much water needs to be changed, which fish needs to be thrown out because they have lost their swag or the decoration replacements that are necessary. Again you would require proper guides for everything. If you had a good grade in math in school don’t think you can clean the aquarium easily. There is no relation between them.

Here is a great video which you can watch in this regard.

So this covers most of the information you need. If you want more, feel free to comment below. Happy Fishing!

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Top techniques to cook fish


This article is brought to you by our designated cook, Mark. He is an amazing guy and even though he could have been a successful chef, he left his dream to take care of his paralysed daughter. Seriously you don’t find such guys these days. Anyway he is quite modest and wouldn’t enjoy this kind of appreciation. These are the top techniques he recommends to cook fish.

  1. Baking
    This is the most easy technique and the most used technique to cook fish. Almost anyone can cook fish using this technique, you just need a good oven. You can bake the whole fish, but I recommend to cut small fish pieces and season them. Get a good quality baking sheet. Then bake for 10 minutes per inch. Duration can vary according to fish or thickness but this is a general rule.
  2. Pan Fry
    Another famous technique is pan fry. It results in beautiful tender fish which melts in your mouth. If you want to make most of this technique dip your fish in milk before you fry them. Also fry it in a non-stick pan on medium heat. The duration of the cook should not increase 5 minutes per side.
  3. Deep Fry
    American loves deep fried food. And nothing tastes better than deep fried fish, except chicken. Good quality olive oil should be used to deep fry if you are a home cook. You would also need a good quality thermometer to monitor the oil temperature. Also sprinkle fillets with some flour. Another good practice is to ensure that the pieces don’t touch each other. This can lead to soggy coating. The ideal temperature is 350°F. Beyond that you will start getting burnt fish.
  4. Smoking or Grilling

This is a technique which I enjoy. Of course this requires special equipment and is recommended for anyone who enjoys barbequing. If you don’t want the hassle of conventional grills you can go for Bradley electric smokers. If you go for conventional grills, make sure you buy good quality charcoal. Pre heat for at least 30 minutes. Keep your racks clean to avoid any trans-fat. Finally the duration should be around 5 minutes per side.

  1. Microwave
    This is one of the simpler techniques and is recommended for the busy folks. Any boneless filet will work with this. Also singer layer of fish covered with plastic wrap work best with microwave. You can cut a few holes in that. You can also use cooking spray. Finally the duration for cook can vary according to the recipe.

These are the top techniques which work best. Each of this techniques requires a lot of practice. Some people dedicate their whole lives to perfect cooking using these techniques. If you want to enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish, you can come to our centre. You would have make advance bookings so that I have everything I need to cook a delicious meal. If you have any doubts regarding these techniques you can comment on this, and I will personally answer them.

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Freshwater VS Saltwater: Where to go?

This is a highly debated question in the fishing world. A lot of experts argue that saltwater is ideal for fishing, there is more of it on planet earth. However the other side argues that over 40% of species are found in freshwater. So the question remains where should you go?

Well we will like to consider this from two different aspects (sides). One if you enjoy fishing and take it more as a hobby or if you are a small scale fisherman. Second if you are a company and export lot of fish.

For the beginners, freshwater is the best choice. There are many fish there plus fish per cubic metre of water is also quite high. It is easy to catch fish here. If you go on fishing trips then river fronts can be great choices. You can camp near the riverbanks and these days there a lot of activities you can do. You also meet people which share your interests. If you are training then also freshwater is a great choice. The risks involved are also less. But make sure you have a look at the weather forecast before you go for a fishing trip.

If you are a small fishing firm, you need to focus on quantity. Since most small firms can’t afford big equipment’s they have to make the most of nets. In freshwater, volume is almost guaranteed. You can leave the net overnight.

Freshwater fishes are a lot more colourful and lively. But they give up easily. So they are little easier to catch.

However if you are a big firm, saltwater will be a more feasible choice. You have a lot of area to work with. You need to go beyond the shore and you can even use few tracking devices. Few advanced boats also come these days which help in fishing. A lot of modern technology can be used to increase the volume of catch. You would also need a big team. Few risks come along with saltwater fishing, so be prepared for that.

We once, went to the sea, without considering the dangers. It was going great at the start but things changed quite fast. One of our crew members was attacked by a shark. It was quite a tough battle. He escaped it eventually but unfortunately lost one of his limb. We never went to the sea again and citing that experience we never recommend small firms to go to saltwater. If you have to do that, make sure you have all the precautions on board.

If you choose to go fishing in a sea, you need to have good storage facilities on board. Many guides are available in this regard. Also saltwater fishes, require special care with storage too. Some restaurants buy only freshwater fishes because of that. Saltwater has some rear species of fish, which if caught can bring in a lot of profits. Most experts believe that catching rare fishes has more to do with luck than anything else.

Hope this article helps you to decide which conditions are better for you. Happy Fishing.

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How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide

This is the most basic thing in fishing. Obviously most of us have been taught by our dads or by our uncles. This post is recommended for those who have decided to pick up fishing as a hobby. If you are about to go fishing there are things which you need to know and follow to the core.

So here are the top tips for beginners.

Where can you find the best fishes?

You need to find out which is the best place to fish in your town. You must be ready to travel a few miles to find the perfect fishing spot. But what makes the perfect fishing spot? Well for beginners it the best place where you can find maximum fishes. There might be more than one fishing spots in your town, go where you can different kinds of fishes. You might have to do little research about your town.

Your First Catch!

Now most beginners won’t think about which fish they want to catch. They will consider themselves lucky even if they catch something. In a way this is right but you can make a few choices beforehand also. You need to look for fishes which are light, swim near the surface of the water and they are a lot of them in the pond. You can also do some research about the kind of bait that works well for such kinds of fishes. Go prepared to increase your chances.

Dress like a fisherman!

Ok so you don’t want to dress exactly like a fisherman, right? Well you don’t need to but there are few things which you need. First up get all the accessories. You can head to amazon and buy few accessories. You need a jacket, a box and fishing shoes. These are must haves. Rest you can choose according to your preference.

The Bait!

This is probably one of the most important things. We don’t recommend anything cheap as they just don’t work. You also want something that doesn’t go bad easily. You also need to have proper storage kits for your bait.

The Fishing Rod!

You need to take the same rod with which you practiced. One a fish gets attracted to your bait, you need to be quick and first time you will panic. To increase your chances take the rod which you have used a lot of times. You can upgrade later but for your first fishing trip you need to follow this.


This is essentially the most important and necessary step. You need to channel your expectations. Most beginners don’t catch fish their first time. You need a lot of practice. Go to a good training school or at least ensure that you have a good mentor. If you have any doubts you can come over at our centre. We offer some great guides and have amazing teachers.

And yes don’t think if you can catch fish on a PlayStation you can do that in real life. That’s a completely different ball game.

So all the best, and enjoy your fishing.

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